Here's what you need to pay attention to before ordering, otherwise your order may fail:

  1. Your profile should not be private.

  2. Do not change your username until the order is completed.

  3. Completion time varies depending on the amount you purchase. For orders up to 5,000 units, transfers are made at a rate of 1,000 units per day. However, for your security and ours, the system will be paused during security scans conducted by the platform until the automatic scan is completed.

  4. Please note that these transactions are not approved by the platforms, and you are accepting them at your own risk. The person who places the order is responsible for any restrictions, deletions, or account closures.

  5. Your orders are processed using 3D secure payment with PayTR. This is done to ensure that the person placing the order is authorized, and it is for your safety and ours. The 3D secure process is a precaution taken against any potential future negative events.

  6. For high volume orders, please contact [email protected] or call +905307758012.

We recommend that you read our terms of use and distance sales agreement before making a purchase.


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