Contract Of Sale

• 1 - 1.1 Parties: This contract (as a service to the person/institution specified in the section referred to the new customer record with the details specified) services department (hereinafter as the customer (hereinafter referred to as a site with the use of the service) from the internet site referred to by the following terms and conditions specified in the signed within the specified services on this site will be purchased. 1.2: The parties hereby declare, accept and undertake that the information written in this agreement is accurate.

• 2- Subject 2.1: Business This agreement will regulate the sections that the customer has permission to make and not make in accordance with the information provided during the registration process, in accordance with the fees that he will pay for the services that he will receive in accordance with his preferences in transactions, orders, messages sent on the site, orders. The descriptions of this service and its operation are as follows. 2.2: Order information is the information entered into the system by the customer during the order. Since this information will be based on the transactions made, it is assumed that the customer and the member have entered this information completely, correctly and provided it without errors. Transactions will be made according to the entered information and there is no possibility to refund or correct the incorrectly entered information.

• 3- Responsibilities 3.1.1: It will provide the services that it transmits as an order at the request of the customer. Followers and Likes are automatically sent by the system according to the suitability of user accounts. (If the account does not accept followers and likes after posting for accounts with bot blocking, Local and Organic account redirection blocking, the account is not responsible for not accepting followers and likes. In this case, the sending process is performed by the system only in the form of a foreign user and bot account. (The purchasing party has accepted this item and has agreed that a refund cannot be made. ) The account to be sent must be an instagram, twitter, youtube account that has been actively used for at least 8 years. Otherwise, it will unnaturally detect real users who follow you, send likes as bots and leave them on the system wall, and they will not appear on the submitted accounts. No liability is accepted. Acceptance of the order acknowledges that it undertakes to provide the fee related to the message and the service specified in the order. (The purchasing party has accepted this item and has agreed that a refund cannot be made. ) 3.1.2: The payment method will be notified by specifying the total amount to be deducted during the order and the VAT differences over the fees that the customer must pay according to their monthly or annual payment preferences. 3.1.3: After order acceptance and confirmation of transactions, the user's instagram user name (account name), the customer's sharing links related to the service contained in the order detail will be received from the customer and the service will be launched. The customer is responsible for the related accounts and passwords and the customer will be responsible for any damages and losses that may arise from these problems. 3.1.4: The Customer undertakes to comply with the statements and warnings received by him within the scope of the service he receives. Customers, followers and likes, etc.b declares, accepts and undertakes to comply with any warning or notification provided by the service when using the service. 3.1.5: Instagram, tiktok, twitter, followers, likes, etc. that the customer has within the service.b) It undertakes not to access files or programs that it does not have access to, not to create any problems due to such a problem, and to cover damage in case of problems and troubles that may occur. Instagram followers, instagram likes, or other social media or services you use for the duration of the contract, which will take effect on the date of its entry into force. you agree that you will pay taxes, fees and similar obligations and that you will fulfill what belongs to it. 3.1.7: customer service in its own accounts is responsible for all files, documents and Programs, website and e-mail services, data, information and all actions that will benefit and benefit from violation of the law. Any defects in the work cannot be transmitted due to problems that may arise in this regard. 3.1.8: the order does not review, verify, approve or take responsibility in any way for the sharing and profile created by the user before sending the post and profile. The user may terminate his account for violating these outlines or for any other reason, or because he believes that it is harmful to his own business or to any of his users. He has the right to cancel the order without notifying the customer from the moment he finds out about illegal actions and actions. 3.1.9: In order to enlarge the orders placed, it can complete the order with a different content other than the features written in the package content. You can complete the order with Aktif-Bot mix, Global follower mix service. The customer who placed the order is deemed to have read and accepted it. 3.2.0: Within the scope of the service it provides, it does not examine the accuracy of the user name or the sharing link it requests from the customer, so transactions are provided in accordance with the user name received from the customer. It is not responsible for errors, damages and losses that may occur due to the incorrect user name. 3.2.1: it provides services in accordance with the customer's requests and legal requirements. It is not within the scope of illegal and does not provide services. The Customer is not responsible for any problems, errors, damages and losses that may occur due to the fact that he is responsible for his own account. 3.2.2: The service purchased by the customer is provided entirely through the API. Updating the API, being in the passive state, etc. there is no refund for service delay caused by situations. The client has read it, agreed to it and, accordingly, undertakes and agrees to purchase the service. 3.2.3: It is obliged to solve the API problem experienced within the scope of the service it will provide within a maximum of 30 business days and provide services to the customer. Order 30. If it has not been delivered by the working day, the customer has the right of withdrawal and refund. The client has read it, agreed to it and, accordingly, undertakes and agrees to purchase the service. 3.2.4: Since it provides services in accordance with the customer's requests, followers should leave a follow on their own initiative in the posts to be made, remove a like, remove a comment, etc.situation b is always possible, in which case it is not necessary to cover the damage or loss. The Client agrees and undertakes that real and active persons have the right to do this, and this will not be reflected. 3.2.5: Processes orders within 24 hours. Orders may take 1-72 hours according to service intensity. This period can be extended in such a way that there will be no certainty, as well as problems with the api. In this case, the right of return or withdrawal cannot be used. The purchased service can be replaced by a different one available on the site (it is worth the amount paid). The refund and withdrawal period is 30 days. 3.2.6: The delivery time of the received service is at least 10 minutes and a maximum of 72 hours. According to the technical problem and order intensity, this time can reach 30 days. In this case, the customer agrees and undertakes that the delivery time can be extended up to 30 days in case of technical problems. 3.2.7: In order to be able to deliver the order quickly, it can complete orders with a different service other than the features included in the packages on the site. In this case, it is not necessary to provide information to the customer, the customer is considered to have read and accepted it. 3.2.8 Guarantees that the services it provides will be provided only in numerical form. In addition, it does not guarantee other package features, as the content october change in some cases. On the contrary, it cannot be held responsible and claim compensation in cases of non-follow-up. During the order, the customer is deemed to have read and accepted it.

• 4- Period 4.1: The work begins with the transmission of orders and payment transactions via the Internet, as well as the specified rights and obligations of the parties in this agreement. 4.2: The term of the contract is the same as the payment term chosen by the customer at the time of ordering the corresponding service.

• 5- Fee 5.1: The fee payable for the services specified in this employment contract is the amount specified in the order process. VAT is calculated by including it in the fees specified later, and the collection takes place by showing it to the customer. 5.2: Reserves the right to make changes to prices and tariffs on a forward-looking basis without prior notice. The Client accepts, declares and undertakes any changes that may occur in advance in connection with these changes in the enterprise. 5.3: The fee is paid by converting it to USA Dolar at the effective sales rate of the Central Bank on the invoice date. 5.4: The Customer reserves the right to close and open the relevant service until the payment is completed. 5.5: There will be no refund for any social media transaction purchased as specified at the time of the order.